Welcome to IWasIn!

I was in party You want to share with the world what a fantastic time you had on some event?
You were on vacation and met once a wonderfull girl but forgot to ask her name?
You were on that magic party where your eyes met a fascinating guy?

Here is your chance to keep the dream alive. Tell where you were and maybe get connected again!

In the beginning this site will concentrate on party places in and around Europe like Ibiza and Mallorca. Everyone is welcome though.
It still contains test info as examples but you can create a user account, tell where you where and browse where other people were.
You also can send private messages which only can be seen by the recipient.

Other people were in:

 CountryDateCityEventPublic commentUser name
SelectAfghanistanOctober, 4 2013test2 test2test3
SelectAfghanistanFebruary, 7 2013affffffafeventmypublic comenttest123
SelectAfghanistanJanuary, 1 2010citytestthe ventall test from user t andtest123test123
SelectAfghanistanNovember, 25 2013   t
SelectAfghanistanDecember, 15 2013Caboul this is a test. You can ignore this. Testing 123. This is for testing puposes only pleas ignore thist
SelectAland IslandsOctober, 20 2013Alalaallalaalalal eventlalalaal oelatest123
SelectAlbaniaOctober, 1 2013Tiranatestingtestingmet at the palm tree;You had green shoes t
SelectAlbaniaNovember, 8 2013TiranaFishing contestwe were first and second in the contestt
SelectAlgeriaNovember, 13 2013Algiers testing testingt
SelectAmerican SamoaMay, 10 2013Samoa citypool partywe drunk margarita togethertest123

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